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What is a Window Track?

Locate any window in your home with a screen and open it. The window track is exposed once the window is opened and has a tendency to collect a substantial amount of dust. We have a special procedure to clean window tracks.

How to Count Your Windows

Student Windows does not charge a setup fee or flat rate based on home style, instead we base our window cleaning prices on the number of window panes that need to be washed.

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Basement Windows & Storm Windows - 2 Panes

A common design for basement windows and older homes. This window may contain a fixed screen or a sliding screen. One or more of the windows may fold inward allowing it to be cleaned on either side. A basement or storm window is considered 2 separate window panes to be washed.

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Bay Windows - 3+ Panes

A typical bay window has a large fixed pane accompanied by 1 or more panes on either side. The side panes may or may not open and contain a screen.

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Patio Doors - 2 Panes

Most likely some of the largest panes in your home, these windows contain 2 separate window panes and one window track. There is a larger sliding screen that pets, guests, and kids seem to walk through. Free screen repair quote.

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Circles & Half Circles - 1 Pane

A delicate window, the majority of houses with circles and half circles seem to have broken seals or condensation forming in between the panes.This counts as one window pane.

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Split Pane Windows - 1.5 Panes

Split pane windows are windows that have been split at the top of the window. The smaller fixed portion counts as 0.5 window panes and the larger opening portion is 1 window pane. In this particular image we are showing a total of 3 window panes.

Types of window cleaning services

Exterior Window Cleaning

All exterior window panes are cleaned spotlessly and frames are wiped, giving the outside of your home a crisp, clean look overall.

Full Service Window Cleaning

Both sides of all window panes are cleaned, including all frames, tracks, and screens. This service will best maintain the look of your windows.

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