How much does window cleaning cost?

What is the average cost of window cleaning?

The price of window cleaning is determined by the number of window panes that you would like cleaned. How to count your window panes. Window cleaning prices can also be influenced by excessive dirt, complicated or higher than average windows, and distance to job. Below is a list of average window cleaning prices for each type of home in Ottawa.

Bungalow window cleaning price

How much does it cost to cleaning windows on a bungalow in Ottawa

Window panes to be cleaned: 12 - 30

Exterior window cleaning price: $45 - $90

Time to clean exterior windows: 1 hr

Full service window cleaning price: $72 - $180

Time to clean interior & exterior windows: 1 hr - 2hrs

Townhouse window cleaning price

Ottawa townhouse window cleaning prices

Window panes to be cleaned: 15 - 30

Exterior window cleaning: $45 - $105

Time to clean exterior windows: 1 hr

Full service window cleaning price: $90 - $180

Time to clean interior & exterior windows: 1 - 2hrs

2 Story home window cleaning price

Ottawa two story home window cleaning prices

Window panes to be cleaned: 30 - 50

Exterior window cleaning price: $90 - $150

Time to clean exterior windows: 2 hrs

Full service window cleaning price: $180 - $300

Time to clean interior & exterior windows: 2 - 4hrs

Custom home window cleaning price

Ottawa custom home window cleaning prices

Window panes to be cleaned: 50+

Exterior window cleaning price: $150+

Time to clean exterior windows: 2+ hrs

Full service window cleaning price: $300+

Time frame: 4+ hrs

How to count your window panes

Our window cleaning pricing is based upon the amount of individual window panes your home may have. A window pane is considered any piece of glass separated by a frame. There are normally 2 panes to be cleaned in most window setups. If you would like to know how much it will cost for students to come clean your windows please fill out our free online window cleaning quote.

Frequently Asked Window Cleaning Questions

Can you clean windows in the rain?

Technically yes, you can wash windows in the rain. A light rain will not affect the quality of your window cleaning job however, there are more factors than the rain that need to be taken into consideration such as:

Is there thunder/lightning?

A storm will be the #1 reason for rescheduling a window cleaning job. Regardless of how hard it is raining or not raining, the presence of thunder and lighting is too dangerous to be operating ladders and working on rooftops. In the case of a storm you will recieve an email or phone call either the day before, or the morning of your clean to reschedule your window cleaning for a later date.

Is it raining hard enough that the rain hits the windows?

If the answer is yes, then chances are you would rather reschedule your window cleaning job, but it is not mandatory. After the window is cleaned rain will continue to hit the pane making the detection of streaks and imperfections harder than the average window cleaning day. Hard rain fall may instantly dirty cleaned basement and lower level windows due to splash back.

Do you require the operation of indoor ladders?

If window cleaning companies have not yet mastered the process of indoor window cleaning and do not use blankets, ladder covers, and towels you should be careful about scheduling them on a rainy day as it will track in more dirt than usual into your home. Ladder feet have a tendency to pick up extra mud and dirt on rainy days, if the window cleaner is unaware of this the dirt will scratch the surfaces of your laminate and hardwood or stain carpets.

How many times should I clean my windows?

At minimum, you should get your windows cleaned twice a year. Clean your windows once after pollen season in the spring, and once before the winter arrives. By cleaning your windows twice a year you ensure that your windows, frames, and tracks do not have anything left on them that could stain or reduce their lifespan. Consider cleaning your windows more often if you are located near dirt or high traffic roads.

When is the best time to clean windows?

To determine the best time of year to clean your windows, ask yourself the following questions:

Is your home located near a significant amount of trees, fields, or flowers?

Pollen can be a real "pane" for your windows leaving a yellowish tinge on both the glass and surrounding framework. Try and time your window cleaning service till after the majority of the surrounding plants have pollinated.

Do your large windows receive large amounts of direct sunlight?

Cleaning windows in hot temperatures and direct sunlight dries the window cleaning solution on your window panes quicker, and can often leave streaks and marks. To obtain the best window cleaning results try and schedule your window cleaning job, or these particular windows to be cleaned in the morning or evening slots.

What window cleaning solution do you use to clean windows?

Our Window Cleaning Solution:

Our window cleaning solution is a homemade alcohol based cleaning solution. It is 100% environmentally friendly and safe to use during both interior window cleaning and exterior window cleaning jobs. If you would like to request a different window cleaning solution additional charges for the solution, time and gas will apply. (Unless you provide the window cleaning solution).

Blades?! Will razor blades scratch my windows?

Why use razor blades to clean windows in the first place?

We use razor blades to help clean and remove tape, stickers, glue, paint, stain, silicone, and grime from dirty window panes. Without a sharp blade sometimes the removal of these items is an impossible task.

When not to use razor blades for window cleaning

Prior to booking your window cleaning appointment we will ask if you have any UV protectant film, alarm film, or any special window finishes on your window pane. Typically protectant films are only on the inside of the window pane and result in a blueish hue. We try our best to inspect for this when we arrive for your window cleaning appointment. If you are aware of any finishes or films it is important you mention this to the students cleaning your windows as our razor blades will unintentionaly remove and damage the finish on these windows. Do NOT use razor blades on tempered glass typically found on car windows and larger windows that double as a fire escape. Most residential window cleaning jobs will not have tempered glass or film.

Will all types of razor blades work when cleaning windows?

No! Inexperienced or cheap window cleaning companies will try and reuse blades for weeks! Even when cleaning windows with the recommended blades once will cause them to oxidize, rust, and chip. Don't believe us? Leave an exact-o razor blade outside over night and check it the next day. Notice how the colour has changed and small rust spots appear? Now consider cleaning windows all day, week, or even month with the same blades. This is how windows are scratched. We understand the importance of quality gear and carry a surplus of blades to ensure that they are changed at the start of everyday and exactly when needed if they see a lot of action in the same day.


The following links contain more information as to why razor blades will not scratch your windows during our window cleaning process.

"A good window cleaning contractor will determine, prior to project start, if cleaning can be done safely, without risk of damage to the windows. Scrapers and razor blades, when used properly, won't scratch uncoated glass and are effective at removing construction debris. Plastic scrapers, however, are not recommended because fabricating debris can become embedded into the plastic during the scraping process and will scratch every window it comes in contact with from that point on." Source

Various tips when removing paint from windows. Source

How do you clean windows?

Cleaning windows...It's as easy as 1,2,3

Aside from all the specialized window cleaning equipment, refined technique and window cleaning solution, cleaning windows is simple!

Step 1

Apply a healthy coating of window cleaning solution to the window pane and give it a good scrubbing ensuring that you apply enough pressure to get all the dirt and grime off the window.

Step 2

Use a squeegee to remove window cleaning solution and dirt from the windows ensuring that your squeegee never leaves the pane yet successfully removes all window cleaning solution. (This takes practice).

Step 3

Ensure that no window cleaning solution is left on the surrounding framework or window sill by removing it with a specialized cloth. Proceed to do the same for left over window cleaning solution that is lingering near the edges of the window pane.

Where do you clean windows?

Kanata, Dunrobin, Carp and Stittsville

When we first started our student window cleaning company, we only cleaned windows in the Kanata and Dunrobin areas. Travel charges may apply for Dunrobin (and farther) window cleaning appointments that involve long travel times.

Ottawa & Orleans

Our students clean windows in the Ottawa and Orleans areas, but due to traffic and travel time we require a minimum $85 appointment. During peak season (May - July) we may want to book your window cleaning appointment around rush hour times.


At times we have gone out to other areas such as Kemptville, Pakenham, and Renfrew. Our window cleaners can only clean windows in these areas during the month of August. If you are located in these areas and would still like to book window cleaning services please contact us for more information and a custom quote.

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